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naked ALM Consultings Martin Hinshelwood brings you Agility Path & Agility Index from Scrum.orgnaked ALM Consulting is a technical and management consultancy based in Scotland and as experts in ALM, TFS & Scrum we believe that every company deserves working, high quality software on a regular cadence. naked ALM Consulting’s Martin Hinshelwood uses an evidence-based approach, developed by Scrum.org, to assessing the maturity of your organisation with direct evidence collected using best practice techniques. The data collected is calculated down to an Agility Index that you can use to gauge your maturity, and ultimately your progress, in your pursuit of agility.

Our services in process, practices and tools require commitment from everyone involved to provide you with lasting value. Change is hard to implement and even harder to anchor, as such our services are not for everyone. Our goal is to delight our customers and to fulfil this we focus on three key practice areas:

ALM or Agile Maturity Assessments

Scrum.org and naked ALM Consulting bring you Agility Index

We provide an assessment of the maturity of your practices and processes from a tool & platform agnostic perspective. These assessments are based on a set of metrics created and maintained by Scrum.org, with whom I am a certified EBMgt Consultant, to help improve the profession of software development Whatever practices and processes you, or your development team, choose to do we can trend your ROI of investment and help you understand how particular investments impact your organisations ability to deliver value to your customers.

You can find out more about the process on Evidence based Management for Software Organisations and the metrics on Evidence-based Management: Gathering the metrics. If you want to delve deeper you can find information on the home of EBMgt for Software Organisations.

Agile Consulting, Training, and Coaching

Agile frameworks like Scrum only really talk bout the rules to play, not the strategies to win.The most common outcome of an assessment is a lack of success at achieving real process that empowers your teams an creates the levels of transparency necessary for effective, high quality delivery. I am a Professional Scrum Trainer and I work closely with Scrum.org & Ken Schwaber, signatory to the Agile Manifesto and creator of Scrum to bring a consistent set of training and understanding for your teams. There are 150 certified Scrum Trainers at Scrum.org that all collaborate to provide consistent material and message worldwide.

You can find out more about Professional Scrum from us and from testimonials from our customers. As always the home of Scrum is Scrum.org and I encourage you to find out more there.

ALM Consulting, Training, and Mentoring

Team Foundation Server & Visual Studio provide a solid foundation to start building good engineering practices around.If an assessment identifies that there is a need for greater practice and tool initiatives then we have expertise in ALM, Visual Studio ALM, and Team Foundation Server to help make your software process as slick as possible. As identified by Gartner, there really is no better ALM tool than Team Foundation Server regardless of the platforms that you are targeting. To get the required ROI from the tools you will need consulting, training, and mentoring in the use and uniquely valuable workflows that exist within the tools. Wither you are developing for Windows, iOS, or Android with Visual Studio or targeting Java with Eclipse there is no better IDE than Visual Studio, and with the addition of the ALM tools you can get significant performance improvements. Tools like Code Lens, Test Impact Analysis, and Code Clone Analysis are invaluable. Couple that with the full tractability from customer request (Product Backlog Item) all the way to the lines of code that fulfil that request and which version of your product contains it and you have a solid ALM workflow.

You can find out more on Visual Studio ALM & TFS.

Our ultimate goal is for your software teams to be able to provide more value to your customers, and in fact focus on delighting them.

Who have we helped?

We have worked with customers in government, finance, manufacturing, health and technology to help them improve their processes and deliver more. We have worked with everyone from defence contractors to airline manufacturers and coffee companies, if you build software, we can help you get the most value into your customers hands and leave them delighted. You can even read what our customers say about us. Our goal is to expose your processes and practices to gain transparency, uncover your impediments to value delivery and reduce your cycle-time as part of your organisations path to agility.

We would love to start a conversation with you to make your company more successful and more competitive whither you are delivering software to your consumers publicly or privately.

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