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naked ALM Consultings Martin Hinshelwood brings you Agility Path & Agility Index from Scrum.orgAs experts in ALM, TFS & Scrum we believe that every company deserves working, high quality software on a regular cadence. naked ALM Consulting’s Martin Hinshelwood provides evidence-based management and technical consulting to help you adopt and improve your use of lean-agile processes and techniques. We have teamed up with Scrum.org to bring you the measurement capabilities of Agility Index, and the evidence-based diagnostic capabilities of Agility Path.

Using the evidence-based management techniques of Agility Path, coupled with the direct evidence gathered with the organisational metrics of Agility Index we aim to delight our customer and help you to delight yours.

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Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) consulting and training

Team Foundation Server & Visual Studio provide a solid foundation to start building good engineering practices around. Team Foundation Server (TFS) & Visual Studio provide a solid foundation to start building good engineering practices around.

While at naked ALM Consulting we understand that tools are not silver bullets and can’t solve your problems on their own we do know that the can help make your processes as slick as possible. Visual Studio ALM from Microsoft is the best ALM tool currently on the market. With its ability to provide traceability through your entire process from code to test to deployment the result is a solid easy system for your teams regardless of platform. We have worked with teams building in Java and .NET for Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android . 

ALM Coaching & Training

Professional Scrum consulting and training

Agile frameworks like Scrum only really talk bout the rules to play, not the strategies to win.With Agility Path looking towards your organisation we also need to take care of your teams. Some teams start with Scrum training while others look to have a coach or consultant onsite. naked ALM Consulting can provide both training and that onsite expert to make sure that your teams don’t get too far off track. With the Professional Scrum Foundations for getting everyone on the right track and dedicated courses for Product Owners, Scrum Masters, and Development Teams you can get a team of professional up to speed quickly. Add some coaching and targeted Q&A to make sure they stay on track.

Professional Scrum Coaching & Training

Who have we helped?

We have worked with customers in government, finance, manufacturing, health and technology to help them improve their processes and deliver more. We have worked with everyone from defense contractors to airline manufacturers and coffee companies, if you build software, we can help you get the most value into your customers hands and leave them delighted. You can even read what our customers say about us. Our goal is to expose your processes and practices to gain transparency, uncover your impediments to value delivery and reduce your cycle-time as part of your organisations path to agility.

We would love to start a conversation with you to make your company more successful and more competitive whither you are delivering software to your consumers publicly or privately.

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