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Martin Hinshelwood helps organisations to deliver better software faster by adopting DevOps & Agility using Visual Studio, TFS, & Scrum


DevOps & Agility

We believe that every company deserves high quality software delivered on a regular cadence that meets its customers needs. Our job is to make sure that your development team can achieve it.

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  • DevOps & Engineering with Visual Studio & Azure

    The only foundation for successful working software delivered on a regular cadence are teams focused on engineering excellence and integrating the latest automation from the ALM and DevOps stack.

  • Agility & Product Development with Professional Scrum

    The only foundation for scaling agile is to start with Professional Scrum Teams. Teams should not just talk the talk, but embody the values and principals that underpin the very essence of the business agility that you want. Deliver twice the features in half the time with Professional Scrum.

  • Big Scrum: All you need and not enough

    Once you have Professional Scrum Teams you can focus on enhancing the communication lines that are a necessity of Scaling Software Delivery. Nexus is a framework for using Scrum to scale Scrum from and Ken Schwaber.

  • Big Scrum: Are you doing mechanical Scrum

    Are you doing mechanical Scrum? Also called flaccid Scrum, amateur Scrum, or by-the-book Scrum; all are equally ineffective. If you are not able to ship twice the features in half the time that you used to, then you are probably doing mechanical Scrum.

  • How to rename a Team Project in TFS 2015

    TAG:Ever since TFS 2005 shipped we have been asking ourselves why, oh, why, can’t we rename a Team Project. As each version of the product shipped we hoped beyond hope that this would change and we would get rid of those ugly code names, or that old corporate identity that no longer exists.

  • Install TFS 2015 today

    Microsoft just announced the availability of TFS 2015 and with Go-Live you can install TFS 2015 in production today and be fully supported. I just completed first production successful upgrade for a customer from TFS 2013 to TFS 2015, they are acting like kids at Christmas with all of the new features.

  • Upgrading to TFS 2015 in production – DONE

    With the availability of a fully supported version of TFS 2015 I will be upgrading my customers production TFS server to TFS 2015 so that they can get all of the goodies.

  • Unable to load task handler PowerShell for task VSBuild

    If you are setting up to run Team Foundation Server’s vNext build system that Microsoft is previewing on VSO you may hit a “Unable to load task handler PowerShell for task VSBuild with version 1.0.1” error when you try to build on Windows Server Technical Preview.

  • It’s that time again; get ready to upgrade to TFS 2015

    With the release of Team Foundation Server 2015 CTP you should be starting to plan your upgrade strategy. It’s going to be a tough one but you should get ready to upgrade to TFS 2015 now. Mainstream support for TFS 2010 ends on 14/07/2015. If you have been looking enviously at the new features popping […]

  • Using the Build vNext capabilities and demands system

    Using the Build vNext capabilities and demands in VSO is one of the new cool features of the vNext build system being developed by Microsoft on VSO.

  • ALM Events and public courses in 2015 Q2

    I have had a lot of folks asking for dates of the public courses that I will be running in the next few months. When I moved back from the USA and started consulting I initially alighted at my parents’ house as the house I was in before moving out was still being rented. Well […]

  • Create a Build vNext build definition

    I am going to show how to create a Build.vNext build definition on VSO. Microsoft recently announced the creation of a brand new build system for TFS and VSO at the Connect event last year. This new build system will eventually replace the current one and be much more modular and friendly. Happily I am in the early adopter program and the product team just made an early alfa of the service available for that program and I have been giving it a spin.