Martin Hinshelwood is a consultant for naked ALM Consulting, a technical and management consultancy based in Scotland that focuses on helping organisations modernise their development processes and enable a greater degree of business agility. Martin’s aims to help your company shorten its time to market and stay ahead of your competitors using proven ALM & DevOps tools and techniques as well as Scrum & Nexus processes and practices.

  • Professional Scrum Trainer
  • Professional Scrum Expert
  • Visual Studio ALM MVP
  • Visual Studio ALM Ranger

In 2014 he co-authored Professional Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio 2013. Martin spends is spare time writing regularly on the naked ALM Blog and, when commuting, answers questions on StackOverflow.

Curriculum Vitaes: LinkedIn | Stack Overflow Careers

Myers Brigs Type Indicator: INTJ

Clifton Strengths Finder: Ideation, Input, Futuristic, Intellection, Strategic

You can get in touch with Martin through naked ALM

As Martin is often onsite for long periods of time, sometimes with limited access to email, so please contact us. This will help ensure that a response does not go missing.