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So you have upgraded to Team Foundation Server 2013 but you still don’t have some of the features that you upgraded for. There is a wizard for that but it is not supper discoverable that allows you to configure features in Team Foundation Server 2013.

Note If you want to completely replace your current process template with the new on you can follow Upgrading to Visual Studio Scrum 3.0 process template instead.

This processes will, depending on the version of TFS that you are upgrading from, add one or more features to your Team Project that are not enabled by default. Strait off  the bat you will get Team Rooms and the new Test hub functionality as well as the better placement and access to the Boards. However you will see a distinct lack of a Feature backlog. This Feature backlog needs a new work item type “Feature” and a a change to the configuration of the underlying boards to support it.

Luckily the TFS Product Team think of everything and have provided a wizard that works in 90% of cases.

Figure: Open “Team Project | Control Panel”

You need to go to your Team Projects Control Panel by clicking on the little cog on the top right of Web Access, right next to your name.

Figure: Click “Overview | Project Profile | Configure features”

I am not sure about the placement and discoverability of this panel, but then it is a preview and they may stick it somewhere else. I would like to see a “Features” hub where I can enable and disable features and maybe a dismissible call to action near the heading for enabling things that are new.

As a Team Administrator I would like to have a Feature hub where I can enable or disable specific features for my teams
Suggestion for TFS

Anyhoo, you can click “Configure features” to get started.

Note If you are coming from TFS 2008 or TFS 2010 you will get a much more prominent “Configure features” option as none of the Boards will work without configuring.

Figure: Discover which features to configure in Team Foundation Server 2013

The configure features in Team Foundation Server 2013 wizard will then let you know what features will be configured. You can see here that I am coming from a Team Foundation Server 2012 instance as I already have most of those features enabled. Go ahead and verify…

Figure: Check the Process Template match before you configure features in Team Foundation Server 2013

When you verify the configure features in Team Foundation Server 2013 wizard will identify which process template best matches so that it can load the settings from that template. If you get an error at this point because it can’t match the Process Template then you may need to manually configure and there will be a link on the screen to do that.

Figure: Congratulations

And that’s it.. you are done…

Figure: Start using your new features

At this point you should now have access to the new awesome features. Now go play…

Be a kid again…

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  • Vicenç García-Altés

    How about a new view in the task board to see the backlog as a user story map? (

  • Nicolae Carabut

    We are about to migrate to TFS2012 from 2010, what are your thoughts about going directly to 2013 preview and using it as production. It may sound as to be a question with adrenalin but any ways.

    • Martin Hinshelwood

      I would say Go-Go-Go :)

  • Bruce Cutler

    Hey Hinsh,
    I just upgraded from TFS 2012 to TFS 2013. I have an existing project. I am the project administrator. When I click on the Configure features button, I see the Configure Features list. When I click on the Verify button, I see the following message: TF50309: The following account does not have sufficient permissions to complete the operation: Cutler, Bruce. The following permissions are needed to perform this operation: Manage process template.

    I don’t see this permission in the list of permissions. I am the administrator. What am I missing?
    – Bruce

    • Martin Hinshelwood

      The “Manage process template” permission is at the Collection level not the team project. If you have an upgraded collection you my not have been given tat permission by default. If you edit permission at the collection level and add it you should have no problems… I am looking to validate and blog that issue now…

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  • Jay Cray

    is there a way in the preview to order test cases in testplans? Thats a feature that i’m waiting for

    • Martin Hinshelwood

      @jay_cray:disqus I do not believe that there is. Is there a particular order that you would like? What is the value to you of ordering?

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    I am running TFS2013 using template Scrum 2013.2. I do not have a “configure features” button in my project profile. how do I get it?

    • Martin Hinshelwood

      you only get that option of you have a template missmatch from features in TFS.