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  • TFS Build reports Licencies.licx: unable to load type

    When you do a build you can get an "unable to resolve type" message from the licencies.licx file that you have checked in. This prevents you from having a successful build in Team Build.

  • Upcomming Scrum at Scale Workshop from

    If you are scaling agility in the enterprise through scrum then you will understand when I say that this can be a very difficult problem. And it's mostly about people and about culture and the Scrum at Scale Workshop can help you.

  • Reuse your MSDN benefits with your Org ID

    If you are trying to reuse your MSDN benefits with your Org ID but you previously activated against your Microsoft ID then you may need to cancel your subscription to reuse it.

    If, like me, you are moving all of your Microsoft ID (was Live ID) corporate stuff over to Organisational Id (Office 365) and you have previously activated your MSDN benefits against your Microsoft ID you have a bit of work to move those benefits over.

  • Uncommitted changes messing up your sync in Git with Visual Studio

    Sometimes when you try to Pull changes from the server to your local repository you get a "cannot pull because there are uncommitted changes". This is uncommitted changes messing up your sync