Assess your organisations Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) & DevOps stratagy

Having an effective ALM & DevOps strategy can be a significant competitive advantage to your organisation. Delivering faster and being able to iterate as close to what your customers need is essential.

We can conduct an onsite assessment by interviewing those involved in shipping software in your organisation and giving recommendations on what you would need to change.

ALM Strategy

Your ALM strategy would encompass everything from ideation, planning, construction, deployment monitoring, and retirement of your software. Continuous improvement is the key to keeping your software healthy and debt free.

DevOps Strategy

Recently there has been a focus on getting companies to introduce a DevOps strategy. While DevOps is something that is part of a good ALM strategy, it is currently called out as one of the big pain points of organisations today.

Assessment Report

All assessments result in a deliverable that identifies all of the opportunities to improve within your organisation and recommends action to take advantage of each one. A set of critical opportunities will be identified and called out as needing immediate attention.

Don’t let your competition slip by you, speed your time to market now.

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