Evidence based Management for Software Organisations

naked ALM Consultings Martin Hinshelwood brings you Evidence-based Management for Software Development from Scrum.orgBecause we believe that every company deserves working, high quality software on a regular cadence. naked ALM Consulting’s Martin Hinshelwood uses evidence based management techniques to help you understand the impact and value you get from your investments in lean-agile processes and techniques. We have teamed up with Scrum.org to bring you the measurement capabilities of Agility Index, and also the evidence-based diagnostic capabilities of Evidence-based Management for Software Development

Using the evidence-based management techniques tuned specifically for software development, coupled with the direct evidence gathered with the organisational metrics of Agility Index we aim to delight our customer and help you to delight yours.

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How do we help you improve your processes?

At naked ALM Consulting we want to help you target your investment in agility towards the areas that will provide you with the most value and thus the most delighted customers. Maybe that is upping the ante on your ALM tools. Maybe it is looking at the way that your teams communicate. How do you figure out where to invest?

At naked ALM Consulting we use an empirical approach, that has been pioneered by medical practitioners called evidence-based management. Our implementation of evidence-based management for delivery of improvements for software teams is called Evidence-based Management for Software Development from Scrum.org. We will work with you to gather metrics to monitor three key areas of your business on a periodic basis.

  • Business Outcomes – This helps us understand the value that your organisation is delivering
  • Time to market – Your lead time is a key leading indicator of how quickly your organisation can change tack to take advantage of merging market conditions
  • Ability to Innovate – A set of leading metrics that allows us to understand the quality that you are delivering to customers


naked ALM Consultings Martin Hinshelwooid helps you Measure, Diagnose,  and Improve with Agility Index and evidence-based manageemnt's Agility Path Figure: Measure, Diagnose, and then improve with direct evidence

We then take all of those metrics and aggregate them into a single number called the Agility Index. Add to this the common circumstantial evidence of the skills, knowledge, and understanding of your people coupled with practices, tools, architectures, and standards that they use we can diagnose where your investments in agility with will give you the most value.

Tomorrow’s great application development and delivery leaders will be those who focus on delivering constant value and incremental improvement to their businesses.Diego Lo Giudice, Forrester Research, September, 2013

naked ALM Consultings Martin Hinshelwood heps you interpret the foundational metrics in Agility Index to help you on the path to agility Figure: Foundational metrics help us target our diagnosis

Once we have multiple reviews of the gathered metrics we can start to look at trends and the impact of changes over time.

naked ALM Consulting's Martin Hinshelwood helps you understand the impact of investment on your Agility Index Figure: Impact of investment on your Agility Index

This Agility Index allows us to monitor the impact of your investments on your ability to successfully deliver working high quality software that delights your customers.

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What are the key practices and practice domains that we target?

With these tools Martin Hinshelwood aims to help your company shorten its time to market and stay ahead of its competitors in the new normal on the modern application lifecycle. Martin Hinshelwood has worked with many companies with software teams that are struggling to deliver continuous value to their business. In most cases we concentrate on using lean-agile practices to shorten your mean time to delivery of your software to no more than 30 days. This is the first hurdle in delivering continuous value to your customers and is the most painful to achieve.

naked ALM Consulting's Martin Hinshelwood works with you to improve your teams practices, tools, architecture, and standards as well as the skills, knowlage, and understanding of your people Figure: Key competency domains and practice areas

There are no silver bullets and achieving a high Agility Index is hard work. There are many intricately related practices that can impact of your ability to achieve and we monitor more than 300 practices that we know impact your organisations ability to deliver. But don’t worry if you only want to start small… because we are helping you target your pounds and euros effectively you can start wherever you want and scale as the need presents itself.

Who have we helped?

We have worked with customers in government, finance, manufacturing, health and technology to help them improve their processes and deliver more. Our goal is to expose your processes and practices to gain transparency, uncover your impediments to value delivery and reduce your cycle-time as part of your organisations path to agility.

We would love to start a conversation with you to make your company more successful and more competitive wither you are delivering software to your consumers publicly or privately.

Our experts can help you delight your customers today!