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Posted by Martin Hinshelwood | 14 Comments | Me

Well, its my first day at Aggreko, and I am loving their efficiency…I was handed a laptop uplon entering the office, and they had my login ready :)

This is the first company that I have worked for that could get this right…

My first job is researching and deploying Sharepoint, which I will need to come up with a plan for…

Hmm, I think I blogged about that recently…

They already have a wicked farm setup, but with nothing on it. And there are masses of propriatory workflow and applciations to migrate…Thisis not a small job.

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First day at Aggreko was last modified: September 17th, 2007 by Martin Hinshelwood

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  • Paul Slater

    Hey martin,
    First day on the job and your posting already.
    Sounds like the job move suites you.
    Good luck.

  • John Mcleish

    Hi Martin,

    Don’t be silly that they handed you a laptop and your login ready upon your arrival.
    That’s understood they have to supply you something to start work with, overall they are paying you.

    Best of luck,

  • Martin Hinshelwood


    You would not believe the number of companies I have worked for that it took 2-3 weeks to get a computer and a loggin :)


  • Gilmar Corrêa

    Hi man, good lock for you. I live at Manaus Amazonas and i’m trying entry at aggreko south america that stay in Manaus.

  • Lauri

    I have a 2nd interview at Aggreko on Friday – here in the states – Do you still love the company? It would be over an hour drive for me if I get it and I’m not sure I want to drive that far!!!!

  • Martin Hinshelwood

    Fantastic company… The best place I have ever worked!

  • Paul V

    Do they have any jobs in their IT department in Dubai?

  • mJL

    they just called me for an interview… still going well Martin?

  • Marty Lynch

    Its my second year at Aggreko as an Engineer for CES UK Oil Free Air…. Its a decent company in the UK, we work long and sometimes inconceivable hours
    when most people are asleep we are solving major problems. I kicked and screamed for six months then suddenly relaxed as i learnt the equipment and found problems easier to solve….like everything in life, you gain confidence and persevere….Thats what Aggreko is about….GOODLUCK!

  • Terry

    I worked at the company and we made good profits and they decided to close the location without notice….company sucks……..

  • Steve

    Six years ago they wanted to expand then decided to close stores now they want to expand again. George Walker could not manage a FRUIT STAND…..

  • Secret

    They suck trust me I would know. They treat there people like crap after do everything for the company. Then they just hire someone new and it starts all over again. There is a lot of better company’s to go to work for. If you are smart you will stay away from these idots.

  • Jazula

    I’m joining some Oklahoma Student seletTech program for Aggreko. I’m hoping it gets better from here on out.

    • Martin Hinshelwood

      I had fun, don’t know what it is like now…