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If you want to connect to the Team Foundation Service (TFS Preview) API you are going to need some credentials in order to connect. That’s right, where do you expect to store your Live ID for connecting? Do you expect to add it to the windows credentials store? What about having the user manually add it? Both these options suck… so introducing the TFS Service Credential Viewer.


The TFS Service Credential Viewer connects to your Team Foundation Service account on and using your credentials it retrieves credentials that you can use for an automated service to connect and authenticate correctly.

Download TFS Service Credential Viewer

The following prerequisites are required:

  • Team Explorer 2012 Visual Studio 11 (any version)
  • .NET 4.5

If these components are already installed, you can launch the application now. Otherwise, click install below to install the prerequisites and run the application.

install or launch via clickonce

How it works

Once you have authenticated as a TFS Collection Administrator to your hosted TFS Collection we use the Access Control Service to provision a service identity that you can use for unattended connections to Team Foundation Service (TFS Preview).

Figure: A quick #1, #2 to get your credentials
Video: How to get your credentials



If you are using Windows 8 Consumer Preview you will not get an automatic launch of the application due to an extra security check for applications that come from the internet.

  1. Click or Press “Start” and Scroll all the way to the right
  2. Select the TFS Service Credential Viewer
  3. When the security dialog pops up click “More Info”

    Figure: Select More Info

  4. Click “Run anyway” to launch the application and add it to the safe list


  5. Done

If you encounter an exception when clicking “Connect” the most likely cause if that you do not have Team Explorer 2012 installed


TFS Service Credential Viewer was last modified: June 11th, 2014 by Martin Hinshelwood

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  • Glen Chambers

    Hi Martin, When I try and use TFS Service Credential Viewer it crashes the moment I click the Connect button. I also asked a colleague to check and he experienced the same issue.
    Any idea what the issue could be?

    • Martin Hinshelwood


      It looks like you do not have Team Explorer 2012 installed. Would I be right that you only have Team Explorer 2013?


      • Glen Chambers

        Correct! I’ll try it with the 2012 release

  • Martin Hinshelwood

    This has been updated to work with Visual Studio 2013.

    • avrsrikanth

      Hi Martin,
      I have installed Team Explorer 2013 and using But still the TFS Service Credential Viewer is crashing in #2.

  • Rana Mutlaq

    Hi Martin ,
    when i try to user TFS Service Credential viewer , it crashes when i click on retrieve credential
    can you help me ?

    • Martin Hinshelwood

      Which version of TFS? Which Version & Edition of Visual Studio?

      • Rana Mutlaq

        TFS 2010 , Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate

        and i installed Team Explorer 2012 , and 2013

    • Martin Hinshelwood

      I will look at this again.,..

  • Rob Davis

    I am trying to use this tool with When I try it on a computer that has VS 2008, 2012, and 2013, it crashes when I click the Connect button. When I try it on a computer that has VS 2010 Express, 2012, and 2012 Express, everything appears to work fine with the Connect buttion. However, when I click Retrieve Credentials, it crashes. What can I do to figure out what is wrong? Are multiple versions of VS causing a problem?